Kappeli Bar’s gone back to its roots!

The counter of Kappeli Bar has been transferred to a new location – the same place the counter used to be in the seventies. Along with the transfer, light has been drawn in from the windows facing the southern section of Esplanade Park and pleasant new table groups have been formed. The facilities are more vibrant and various types of performers can easily be brought into the mix according to requirement.

The drink selection at the bar is comprehensive. You’ll find a good assortment of beers, wines, classic cocktails and other beverages. You can read the daily news comfortably on the sofa, share drinks with friends or just relax near the end of the day.

Music to your ears

The music at Kappeli Bar is easy on the ears. We’ve created an upbeat music library of our own for the bar – a mixture of new and old for adult tastes. Kappeli Bar's easygoing charm extends to the music.

It also plays at a volume that makes conversation easy! The milieu of Kappeli Bar, full of tradition and atmosphere, is a pleasant venue to come after the workday to enjoy life as well as raise a glass as dusk falls.

Restaurant Kappeli Eteläesplanadi 1, 00130 Helsinki  Tel. 010 76 63880 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1209 €/min) kappeli@sok.fi
Open every day 10-24
  Julkaisujärjestelmä: Mediasignal Communications