It’s time to meet on Kappeli’s terrace!

Kappeli’s sunny terrace is one of the city’s largest, accommodating 350 visitors. Helsinki’s most popular terrace welcomes plenty of comers, so it’s often quite full. The terrace is opened in spring as soon as the weather permits and is kept open well into autumn.

It also has its own dining area, where you can enjoy the delicious portions prepared in Kappeli's kitchen outdoors in the summer, when you’d rather not go inside. Menu alternatives can also be found that may be more to the liking of the younger members of the family.


Espa Stage: Versatile musical fare from May Day to the end of August

Situated in front of Kappeli, Espa Stage is a glass-walled summer platform whose abundant programme selection can be enjoyed free-of-charge. Espa Stage offers concerts and other happenings from May Day to the end of August. In the summertime, about 200 performing groups appear on the stage from both Finland and from round the world.

The musical styles frequently focus on jazz, blues, folk and rock rhythms. Finland’s longest jazz festival, Jazz-Espa, as well as Etno-Espa, which presents new folk music, have established themselves as indispensable parts of the summer programme. The Espa Stage programme delights not only Helsinki residents but foreign tourists as well.

Espa Stage: Programme

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